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Skin Care Cosmeceuticals  SAVE 20% on Dermakleb Cleansers May Only Dermakleb is the exclusive cosmetic line by  Jean Klebert   adopts the most modern ant-ageing ingredients in HIGH concentrations to protect skin's well being and combat major causes of skin ageing. Dermakleb  Cosmeceuticals  have three main goals: PREVENT  prevention of damages caused by free radicals that cause cell oxidation with early ageing signs; CORRECT  skin protection against external agents that damage it, such as sun rays; RENEW  thinning of the horny layer, which thickens through the years, thus creating various aesthetic defects: All active ingredients and raw materials used in high concentrations, provide a key contribution in pursuing the three top goals and have been selected according to the following logic: > SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFECTIVENES > EXCELLENT SKIN TOLERABILITY > HIGH CONCENTRATION OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN ORDER TO ENSURE AN ADEQUATE PERCUTANEOUS A

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